Animals Offer Comfort and Companionship

According to the CDC, pets have been shown to reduce blood pressure and stress levels and can help lower cholesterol, fight depression and help protect against heart conditions.

At Mansfield Place, we find it not only a privilege but a right to ensure seniors are able to stay united with their pets. Pets are members of the family, unconditionally providing companionship and emotional support.

Therapeutic animal visitations and animal assisted programs at Mansfield Place have succeeded in providing comfort and enjoyment to our residents. Healthline shows that Pet Therapy can be used in many different ways that are defined by goals, judged by each session.

The goals of a pet therapy program can include:

• Improving assisted or independent movement
• Reducing anxiety
• Increasing self-esteem
• Improving overall mental health
• Increasing communication
• Improving social skills
• Creating a willingness to join in activities
• Increasing interactions with others
• Motivating willingness to exercise

Our furry friends and animal visits have had a positive effect on our residents’ health mentally and physically. From recovering or coping with health issues to filling our lives with happiness and laughter, there is no denying that pets enrich our lives. Because animals offer emotional support, we have noticed increased participation from residents in social activities and positive response as they share time-honored tales and memories of their furry companions with friends, family and staff.

We are not “kitten” around when we say Mansfield Place has “gone to the dogs!”

Assisted Living Checklist

Are you asking the right questions when it comes to finding the right senior care solution for mom and dad?

Finding the perfect senior care community for a loved one can be a long and tedious process. That’s why we have created this easy to follow compare guide to help you in your evaluations.

Arriving at the Community

Is the community calm and inviting?
Is the community well-lit?
Is the community clean and promotes a healthy atmosphere?
Is it easily accessible to visiting friends and family?
Do the residents look content?
Does the staff seem friendly, helpful and engaged?

Community Lifestyle

What are the types of amenities being offered?
What types of activities and opportunities for social interaction does the community have? How often?
What types of fitness or therapies are offered?
Are other personal care services offered such as hair care, eye care and dental?
Is there transportation available to and from appointments?
What are the options for supportive or memory care services?
What is the assessment process for your memory care services?
What is the extent of personal care assistance?
What determines level of care?
How are care plans developed? What if more care is needed in the future?
Is there an emergency call system in the building?
Can residents have pets?


How many meals are served per day? Are snacks available?
When are meals served? Can applicants try a meal?
How are dietary restrictions handled?
Is there a private dining room?

Living Space

What types of floor plans are available?
How many apartments are in the community?
Are all apartments private?
Is laundry and linen service provided?
Do you offer special care apartments if needed?
What are the guidelines/restrictions on room décor?
Are there safety features in each room such as handrails, call buttons and alarms?
Are the common areas easily accessible?


Can I see the community’s resident handbook?
Who decides to call 911 in case of an emergency? What are your emergency preparedness policies?
What types of emergencies are the staff trained to handle?
Is help available 24/7?


Is staff readily available and on-call to assist?
How accommodating and welcoming is the staff?
Is there a registered nurse on staff at all times?
Is the staff trained to assist residents with varying forms of dementia? What type of training has the staff completed?
How is medication handled?


What are the costs associated with the community: rent, care, services, and meals?
How much would costs increase if the level of care increases?
Are there any extra costs associated with living in the community?
What is the security deposit or entrance fee? Are they refundable?
How are rate increases handled?